Install Backtrack 5 R3 with VirtualBox


VirtualBox is a  famous  desktop virtualization software.  There are two main benefits to using VirtualBox, it’s free. Second, easily virtualizing any operating systems. We can install VirtualBox on Windows, Mac and Linux.  VirtualBox  helps to set up real time labs, we can do anything without affecting our host operating system.

Download VirtualBox :


BackTrack is a famous Linux distribution developed for penetration testing.  It also includes large collection of penetration testing software’s. Latest version is BackTrack 5 r3.

Download BackTrack :


VirtualBox is most cost effective way to setup real time labs for penetration testing. In some cases, penetration testing is harmful for our operating system and it badly affected in hardware devices. In such cases VirtualBox is a best solution.  We can install BackTrack in VirtualBox. Here i’m guide you to do that , please read my instructions carefully. I also include screenshots with  this tutorial.

Steps to Install

  • Open VirtualBox,




  • Click on New button, a dialogue box is appeared, then   Next button.


  • Here you can select operating system. In our case that is Ubuntu. And enter a name. Then click Next.
  • Then you select the amount of base memory (RAM) to be allocated to Virtual Machine. and Click Next.
  • Next box ask  to select type of hard disk you want to install  your Virtual Machine. if you have existing one, you can specify that. Else select  Create new hard disk,  Then click Next.



  •  If you are selecting  Create new hard disk,  then VirtualBox ask you to select type of file system. In this case I’m  selecting  VDI. And click Next.
  • Then specify which type of storage  device . If you are Fixed Size type, after installation you can’t extend hard disk capacity. If you are selecting Dynamically allocated,  you can extend hard disk size at any time. better option is Dynamically allocated.  After  select this click on Next.


  •  Next step is assign file location and hard disk size.  Then click Next.
  • Then you can see summary of creating a new hard disk. Click on Create.
  •  Next box ask you to complete Virtual machine creation.  Click on Create.
  • After previous step, you can setup your virtual machine configuration. click on Settings button.

  • Here you can change any virtual machine configuration. I’m showing you to change network interface configuration.  Select Network  in left side. Now you can see available network interface cards.  Many options are available there; NAT, Bridged Adapter,   Internal Network, Host-only, Generic Driver etc. Here I’m selecting  NAT.  then Click on OK.
  • Click on Start Button to switch on Virtual machine. Then First Run wizard will appear. And click on Next.

  • In this section you must specify location of  BackTrack 5 ISO image. Click on Next
  • Now we can see final summary of First Run wizard. Click Start button.

  • Now the Virtual Machine is ready to run ! Have fun..!

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  1. galartija says:

    Thank you!

  2. JuanMa says:

    I’ve followed all steps but everytime i restart the virtual machine, I have to choose the file iso again.

  3. hi!
    can you please send me learning of back track 5 r3 I mean how to hack facebook etc…

  4. Wildan says:

    FATAL : No Bootable Medium Found ! System Halted .

    Please Help me …
    Why ?

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